Emos Endüstriyel Corporate


Established in 2004, ENMOS has been organized with the commitment to catch the unrivalled standards in solutions and service of industrial automation business world passing years has made no changes on our ENMOS values which are;

•Universal business ethics
•Pursuit of excellence
•Caring customer service for maximum satisfaction

Our products and many innovations for dyeing and laboratory automations reveal the expertness of Enmos in textile finishing equipments. Enmos is aware of the meaning of being an R&D Company and our main principle is to exceed customer expectations. The marketing strategy for our continuously increasing market share is to use the channel of distributors and agencies with a strong internationalization drive.

The success of our firm generates from well organized skilled professionals, investment and manpower, with a flexible production which fully carries out the needs of our customers and dealers. Those combined with our principle "act and respond on the same day", superlative quality and engineering experience in providing effective solutions, bring up the desirable results for Endustrial Automation Sector.

The relationship with our clients based on providing outstanding levels of service, communication and confidence, has created the Enmos' reputation which we are aware of its serious responsibility.

We again point out that "Our products offer you solutions today for your needs in the future."

Our endless motivation is to make you look professional and desirable.

Our solution capabilities are endless as well as the markets we serve.

ENMOS is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Istanbul - Turkey. Its primary business involves the design manufacturing, distribution and sales of the product range goes from different sensors for fluid levels and seam detectors, control units for dyehouse and industrial laundry machines, chemical automations and software to complete automation and mechatronic engineering.

Going beyond customer expectations is in Enmos' main principle. As R&D Company we bear responsibility for our customers' success. By using newest technologies and being flexible in a permanently changing textile sector Enmos has reached a superior level in creativity and dynamics. ENMOS is constantly enlarging its market shares with its growing network of partners and distributors, both at home and abroad.