Emos Endüstriyel Focus

Controlling businesses production management processes is; to create process of business according to their consisted and potential requests, to watch and manage; to transfer enterprises business mind, experince and work-flow to computer environment, thus by lowering cost and stock losses, to reduce harm of enterprise and environment.

Focus Business Intelligence is a software made ??up of various modules. These modules are designed simple and consistent for users easy use. Focus BI aims pre-defined rules in system and aims to complete the process automated by holding users responses from beginning of workflow and order to last delivery point at minimum level. Users are the object of rules and workflows of mathematical and logical formulas ,not one-day datas.

With help of locator support, program can be displayed in any language. In addition, with free name giving to any object; articles, colors and themes can also be converted into any language or any format, even into special language.

Focus BI targets managing objects in groups, not single-handed. Thereby, instead of keeping and managing properties only for one object, it simplifies the management by keeping in groups. This provides users to enter their data and ability to manage quickly.

The purpose of Focus BI layer is, to make data manipulation and to control, to report these manipulations to the workflow, to check these datas accuracy and consistency.