Emos Endüstriyel Powder Dyestuff Automation

Powder Dyestuff Automation

Profix FW which is full automatic robotic automation system is designed for textile dyehouse and is used to transfer full-auyomatically to dyeing machine additional tank that is determined for process by weighing in correct color and gram of the dyestuff. Enmos Profix FW mechatronic systems which target completing process safely and quickly in untouched automation technology is among the key elements for your quality and continuity policy. With anticorrosive equipment that complete the anodic metal main body, it has safe and high performance resistant against the system corrosive affections. 100 lt (approximatelt 60 kg powder coat load) powder coat stock units capacity is being offered in case of decade blocks, and it has totally 80 pieces dyeing silo capacity with maximum 40 pieces dyeing silo and mutual additional order. Weighing buckets in the system has polished stainless main body having an inner surface are presented in two options as 12, or 6,

Carousels is being carried the cans to the vacuum transfer unit and same cans structurally is released again to the circle unit for the next weighing after cleanin up with water and air. Vacuum unit with its complicated structure is provided homogenous resolving with the chaotic mode of operation.

The half-solution dyestuff which is transferred by absorbing with the blower out of the vacuum unit is dissolving unşt and is distributed on a single line. According to the requirement of the companies, the dissolving units can be offered in two options as big size and small size. The most suitable dissolving tank is selected automatically for the different prescription quantities.

The system is being passed the performance and safety test and it is seemed that this system is offered the searching solution for the textile dyehouses. With it’s design and software Profix FW is the latest version, combined with the dynamic and ergonomic design of demands in today’s technology.