Fully Automatic Dyeing Computer 

The Simplex series, with the latest technology fabric dyeing computer, can fully automatically control machines of different capacities and technologies with commands specially designed for the dyeing machine. Thanks to its structure consisting of one or two parts (operator panel and PLC), it provides comfort and flexibility in installation. Thanks to the characteristics of the command structure and the capabilities of the control loops (PPL), it can be projected easily and quickly. Designed for easy use by the user, the color graphic LCD screen supports commands and menu-specific icons, providing convenience for viewing and use. Thanks to its multi-language support, localization can be made according to the desired language. Functional hotkeys provide quick access to submenus. While this structure provides comfort in design and installation processes, it also brings the advantage of low installation cost. It provides precise control thanks to its high reliability and performance. Thanks to its ability to run parallel commands, it can perform multiple operations at the same time, thus improving process times. It works fully integrated with Focus (Enmos Central Monitoring Software) thanks to its standard communication port.

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