Profix FW Fully Automatic Powder Dyestuff Weighing, Dissolving & Dispensing System

Profix FW fully automatic powder coating automation system is designed for textile dyehouses and is used for fully automatic transfer of powder dye to the additional container of the dyeing machine determined for the process, by weighing the correct color and amount. Enmos Profix FW mechatronic systems, which aim to complete the process safely and quickly, without touching the automation technologies, are among the key elements for your quality and continuity policy. With the stainless equipment that completes the anodized metal main body, the system has a safe and high performance resistance against corrosive effects. Powder coating stock units with a capacity of 100 Lt (approximately 60kg powder paint loading) are offered as independent blocks and are placed side by side with 10 silo blocks as single row or double row opposite each other.

Accurate and high precision weighing can be done with the help of screws in the spiral structure and servo motors with adjustable rotation speed. The sliding rail system positioned in front of the stock unit carries the precision scales and the weighing bucket. Weighing buckets with a stainless main body and Teflon coated inner surface are offered in 12 pieces in the system. The rotating bucket carrying circle carries the buckets to the vacuum transfer unit, and after the same bucket coming out of the vacuum is cleaned with water and dried with air, it is left to the bucket transfer unit for the next weighing. The vacuum unit has a complex structure and is designed to obtain a homogeneous and sensitive solution with its chaotic working style, and in this sense, it makes a difference in powder coating automation.

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