Profix MW Semi-Automatic Powder Dyestuff Weighing System

Weighing; it is a system that dyestuff weighing can be done sensitively and safety. The prescription information which involves details of the dyestuff, will be weighed is inquired from the prescription programme, has been using or is formed by the prescription / work order module. This system provides to be weighed the dyestuff by operator as barcode controlled to be able to perfectly weigh the prescription / word order. The accuracy of the weighing is registrated and is reported when it’s desired. On 12.1” touch-screen industrial operator terminals, recipe information that are from work order can be seen and with the directives, the operator is allowed to instruct the dyestuff code. Weighing process is initiated by the instruction of the correct colour code. Weighing is stored to provide reporting through central monitoring. In this system, according to the demands one big scale (60kg,32kg) and one small scale (5kg,1kg) may be used provides to weighing truly and sensitively of the true colour and true amount. System leads the operator with the warning, appears on the screen to avoid any complication that may occur. You are going to be sure that dyestuff is used truly thank to the reports which are taken as dyestuff, machine, work order or the prescription from the system.

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