Established in Istanbul in 2004, ENMOS company stepped into the sector with the design and production of Washing and Part Dyeing industrial computers. Afterwards, it added advanced version devices and software system, mechatronic machines for Fabric and Yarn dyeing machines to its product range.

High quality and dynamic electronic devices have been preferred by end-user companies in the textile industry and by OEM partners of machine manufacturers. Our company, which has been carrying out domestic and international sales and service services in parallel since the day it started, has strengthened its exports over the years.

Although automation is a general concept, its terminology has changed very quickly for the textile industry. While a machine automatic control was perceived as automation in the past, today complete machine controls, monitoring / management software system and chemical / Salt-Soda / Paint automatic dosing systems are considered as a whole.

Our company, which has produced solutions for all these needs in textile from laboratory to operation, has had the chance to work with Turkey's largest companies on Glass Industry fiber production, Paper industry binder units, Automotive industry plastic injection and Chemical industry reactor preparation processes.

Our future goals are to continue to be a conscious, measurable, inoveable and manageable production company. It has always given us excitement to do our business with a simplified intelligence and to reflect the products we have created. Enmos systems are working on dynamic software modeling, which can be integrated with each other, has the latest technology in data transfer.

As Enmos, we say; We do not sell products at the shelf. We are aware of the difficulty of the work we do, and we are very happy to be a business partner for our customers in order to make our solutions to 100 % use in the enterprise.