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Sectoral Solutions

Textile Finishing

Our company, with its 18 years of experience, produces solutions that are needed in the textile finishing dye house and finishing departments in many countries in Turkey and abroad.

Paper Industry

Our company has undertaken great projects as a supplier in the factories of HAYAT KIMYA, which is the leading paper / napkin producer in our country and even in the world in the paper industry branch.

Glass Industry

Our company has signed a big project as a supplier in the Balıkesir factory for Şişecam Ind., which is the leading glass manufacturer in our country and even in the world, in the glass industry branch.

General Automation

Founded in 2004, Enmos aims to provide creative solutions in the Industrial Automation sector and to spread these solutions at home and abroad. Our company aims to be a leader in industrial automation fields, where we are dependent on foreign sources due to high R&D costs in our country, by carrying out the necessary studies.

About Us

Founded in 2004, Enmos aims to provide creative solutions in the Industrial Automation sector and to spread these solutions at home and abroad. Enmos is an organization passionately pursuing the vision of a smarter future with advanced technologies that save time and energy.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of the business, and therefore to our daily life, by improving the nature of its business, increasing the performance and productivity of its industry.



As the Enmos team, we always stand behind our pre-sales and after-sales products and you as our customers. You can benefit from the uninterrupted service of Enmos at the points you want support.


As the Enmos team, which consists of experts in their fields, we are here to provide maximum support to our customers in every field. Contact us to get support, let us help you.

Project Management

Due to the fact that our company carries out Project Comprehensive works, all employees of the Project Management must be transferred and the procedures to be followed must be determined.


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GTEX 2022 Pakistan Fair

ENMOS provided interviews with potential customer candidates at our fair, which we participated in with our Pakistani dealer ACMATEX.

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2021 Evaluation Meeting

We ended our year-end evaluation meeting, which we could not hold for the last 2 years due to the pandemic, with a pleasant and productive meeting for 2021.

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The Textile Magazine 2021

Within the scope of our advertising work with The Textile Magazine, one of the limited and private publications of India, we tried to reach the textile world with Enmos advertisements in India, our hot and active market, during the 2020-21 pandemic period when travel was limited and stopped.


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