Founded in 2004, Enmos aims to provide creative solutions in the Industrial Automation sector and to spread these solutions at home and abroad. Enmos is an organization passionately pursuing the vision of a smarter future with advanced technologies that save time and energy.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of the business, and therefore to our daily life, by improving the nature of its business, increasing the performance and productivity of its industry.

It has reflected the automation products, which is its primary business area, to the Textile Finishing sector in the best way, and has achieved many firsts in textile dye house and laboratory automation. Enmos, with its entire product range, has been proving its position in the market and solution partnership to its customers and the industry for years, with dyeing control devices, sensors and mechatronic system machines.

Our company offers solutions to future automation needs with its technological hardware and software systems. Our aim is to ensure that the most up-to-date and efficient systems are always brought to our industry and our country by following the rapidly advancing technology.

The main value for us is to provide solutions to our customers with the latest technology, at the standard and time they want, for the first time and every time, and to ensure customer satisfaction with an understanding of quality and service that exceeds customer expectations.

Enmos Industrial Automation Electronic Manufacturing Industry. Trade Inc. continues its activities in the field of industrial automation with its production, design, sales, application, training, service and maintenance departments at its Istanbul Headquarters.