Due to the fact that our company carries out Project Comprehensive works, all employees of the Project Management must be transferred and the procedures to be followed must be determined. In simple terms, our process continues as follows;

  • Announcement of project sales in all departments of Enmos,
  • Determining the technical responsible, sales representative, R&D product owners, production manager and project manager and the project team,
  • Preparation of all technical documentation and user manual, maintenance manuals and appropriate and detailed project schedule including production time, delivery dates, installation schedule, training and testing plan,
  • To provide the contact information of our team and to ask customers to assign similar teams for any issue that we may need support, and to provide information to customers,
  • To follow the production stages in accordance with the project delivery date,
  • Delivering the products to the customer,
  • Commissioning the entire system,
  • Testing and training as well as painting real samples with operators,

After Sales Operations for Execution of Projects Abroad

  • We have remote control and access to our systems with the software program.
  • We work with the right partners, so they test and send feedback for us in the real factory before launching the product, then we improve the features of the products with the real needs of customers in the region.
  • We provide good technical support with our after-sales team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Turkey.
  • We choose the best quality of main components such as European brand pump, flow meter, PLC units.